Are You An MLM Leader or ……….?

To be an MLM Leader it doesn’t take years to learn and apply, it only takes few minutes to know it and do it. Some people have the potential of being a good Leader and some pretend to be a good Leader while others, they do not have the confidence to be one. In Network Marketing we are train to be Leaders so people will have trust in us and build this business together.

You might have heard this “They are born to be Leaders”,  i do not totally agree with that sentences. Yes, some are born to be Leaders but others, they train to be one. Let us look below on what a true MLM Leaders is.

MLM Leader or MLM Bosses?

In Network Marketing, we have to be a Leader so we can guide our team to achieve their goals. But some people are doing it wrongly that may lead their team to a wrong direction. You see, MLM Leader show them what to do while MLM Bosses tell them what to do. Do not boss around telling people to do this or that and expect them to do a great job. Most probably, they will leave you and go for another person or even worse leave this industry.

MLM Leader show them an example of what to do and what he/she should take note of when doing that particular things. From there they will have a rough idea on what  they should really do. When make a mistakes they probably comes to you and ask for your opinion, that is where you can share some of your experience. When you have a good talk with them, they will do it again until they succeed. Being a Leader is not just guiding people but also someone who they can rely on.

MLM Leader or MLM Worker?

Some people have already got the mindset of a business owner before they join in this industry, but some they still have the mindset of a worker. What i mean a worker is, they are totally at the bottom of whatever corporation they are in before and when they come into this industry, they have no confidence to be a Leader. Why? First of all they look at how great the Leaders in this industry have and makes them feel small. Second, they don’t realise that this is a business of people where Leaders are created.

Leaders do not care of how small they are when they are in a group of people. What they know is someday they will be like them or even bigger. They learn as much things as they can from them and apply it. MLM Leader share their opinion and ideas to people or their upline, see what is the response and what it can be improve.

MLM Leader or MLM Liar?

In this industry, if you lie to people in your team or people who wants to join you, you are in a big trouble. First, do not lie to your team because it will not bring you more as a leader but as a cheater and if your team finds out about it, they going to leave you without questioning. Second, do not lie to people who wants to join you, if what you gonna answer to that person is hurtful, then let it be. You want people in your team to accept who you are as a Leader and to be ready for this business. Sometimes, you have to learn how to answer a tricky questions and makes them question themselves.

MLM Leader or MLM Complainer?

If you are a complainer before, then you should have stop now, YES right now. A true MLM Leader will never complain how bad things happen to them instead they will find ideas how to make an improvement on that. In fact, when you want to be success you will face a lot of bad situation.

A complainer wants attention, just like a kid. Come on, grow up bad things happen to every single one of us. Just imagine if your team saw you complaining, wouldn’t it shows that you are suck as a Leader. You should inspire them and not the other way round.

Be the MLM Leader…

Yes be one and you should, people will look at you as a True MLM Leader rather then Pretending to be MLM Leader. Start building a relationship with your team and people around you. Go out and help people, change their life and create a new MLM Leader.

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